Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Changing directions again ...

... while I still want to let you know about how faith and politics are "interacting" this election season, I simply don't have time this morning (after fixing the template last night) to do it justice. Plan on doing it later.

I will say this ... this latest ad for the President is AWESOME!

Put it next to the commentary by the Democratic candidates regarding Mary Cheney, to see the difference between our choices for President.

Of course, the Democrats have come out with a similar ad for their man ... but it falls short on two counts:

1> There were good reasons for the President to oppose the creation of the 911 Commission -- given the history of Congressional commissions, there was a high probability that it would not only cloud the issue with politics, but place time and disclosure demands on the Executive Branch that would work against the effective prosecution of the GWOT. We saw the politics come forth in the Commission's hearings ... and frankly, we got lucky that they didn't interfere with Exec Branch operations more than they did.

2> If the lady in this ad thinks that we are no safer today ... then why is she supporting a candidate who has shown us he would return our government to the attitudes and actions of 10 September 2001?

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